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The Status Quo. A boring commonality that many young adults are coerced into by today’s media. We’re supposed to be a monolith–act the same way, pursue the same goals, value the same things–but we don’t want to be part of the herd. We want to reach for greatness. Here at the Synergist, our goal is to bring you Christian media from creators who are actively defying the norm so that you can come along with us.


Unhinged Politics

Every other Friday, Joshua Shultz brings you his unhinged take on the good, the bad, and the ugly that goes into politics. No one is safe on this podcast. So beware.
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Caleb Betterton

Who Do I Love?

Do you love God more than the promises He’s made to you? Are you serving God out of love and respect for him or because of the gifts, power, and blessings that come from that servanthood?

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Caleb Betterton


The Gist CO-Host, Writer

Meet the founder, Caleb. He's a voracious reader, an impulsive creator, and his natural energy makes everything better.

Heidi Stewart


The Gist CO-Host, Writer

Heidi Stewart is the Co-Host of the Gist podcast and generally the reason for its humor (we kid, we kid).

Elayna Davidson



Elayna Davidson is one of the first original contributors for the Synergist. She is the cat mom to a mini-mountain lion named Doodle and a valuable friend to many.

Becca Thulin



Becca Thulin is our resident personality guru. Her love for passionate expression displays itself in her skill as a drama director and mentoring young people with plenty of dad jokes and sarcasm.


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