5 Daily Habits for Personal Growth



Read Everyday

For some reason, my generation has grown to run as fast as they can from reading, but reading is one of the biggest keys to personal growth. If you are trying to implement reading into your daily life, start by reading for 30 minutes a day. Forget about how many chapters or pages. Just focus on thirty minutes and build from there. 



Find a way to organize your day. Whether you use a list, a planner, or something else that helps you stay on track, just keep on trying different methods until you find the way that works for you. 



This may sound a little weird but it’s science: having a clean environment helps eliminate distractions when you are trying to accomplish your goals for the day.



Whether it be a journal, poem, or just something you are interested in, it will help boost your creative juices. It will also give you valuable time to reflect on and apply the things you have learned. 



While it may seem obvious, it can sometimes be overlooked as life tries to overtake us, but it is the key to personal growth. This is our time to get direction and strength from the One who created us in the first place. 

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