5 Things To Make Your College Experience Easier (Heidi)

  1. Budget for the Coffee

I mean, really, you should budget for everything. But knowing you’re going to want coffee (or tea) and looking at the numbers will help you spend wisely and without guilt.

  1. Study with Friends

Whether this is a study group with friends you’ve known your whole life and may not even go to your school, or the people from your morning lecture hall, getting together to commiserate and dream together is a super special part of college. Meet up to compare notes, keep each other accountable, tell funny stories, practice your speeches on them. Bonus tip: most college libraries have study rooms you can reserve, complete with white boards and monitors for whatever your project requires. 

  1. Routines

Establishing routines in college is SO hard. Especially if you’re working, volunteering or even raising a family at the same time. College just isn’t the easy trip that middle school was! Routines can help make sure that not a minute is wasted and that you’re staying on track. Spending those critical moments in the morning on something that sets you up for success (prayer, reading the Word, worship or journaling) can help you maintain some sanity when finals week rolls around.

  1. Knowing When to Say No

Having good juggling skills doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s a necessity if you’re going to make it in college. People will pull for your time and you’re going to want to agree to everything. You are going to have to learn the juggling game. Sometimes you may not have to answer with a no, but instead you can defer the task until after your big exam or delegate it to someone else. Always be flexible and strive to give your very best to the things you do take on. 

  1. Good Relationships with Advisors/Professors

College. Faculty. Is There. To Help You. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I would’ve been stuck graduating later or missing a required class had I not gone to an advisor. If you go to one and don’t like them, find one from another office or division that suits your style. They can help you with enrollment, picking or changing majors, picking classes to fit your work schedule, job decisions, etc. They are seriously a life saver. Also, develop a good relationship with your professor. That way, if you need help or an extension, you already have a good relationship and they’re more likely to give some grace. Use the resources you have!!

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