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Esther 6:10 Then the king said to Haman, Make haste, and take the apparel and the horse, as thou hast said, and do even so to Mordecai the Jew, that sitteth at the king’s gate: let nothing fail of all that thou hast spoken.

11 Then took Haman the apparel and the horse, and arrayed Mordecai, and brought him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaimed before him, Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour.

Living in America, I think it’s hard for most of us Americans to understand how much power a king possesses. 

So, when we hear or read about Kings in history or biblical times, we often think of them more as presidents when it comes to power. The truth is that back then, Kings had absolute power. When it came to the king in the verses above, his word was law. 

Edward II. made a law that all beached whales belonged to the crown. As weird as that is, it was the law that the king made. A king does what a king wants. 

I say this because Jesus often compared to a king, but I think we see him as a president without all power and authority.

In the verses above, the king telling Hamen to honor the man that Hamen hated and wanted to kill. Despite this, we see Hamen instantly obey and honor Mordecai. Why? Because when the king speaks, obedience must happen no matter who you are.

With the title of a king, there is respect attached to it. No matter who the king is or what the king does. You simply obey and honor him because he is the king.  A king holds all authority, but with that authority, there is a responsibility to live up to title of king.

We serve a king who holds all power and authority, but we are more than servants to a king. We are heirs to the king, which means that his authority and favor are on us as well.   

If Mordecai found favor with a worldly king and was honored greatly, how much more will our king honor us? Because we are more than his subjects. We are his children, and we have his word behind us! 

Both our generation and ourselves have to realize that we don’t serve a president, but that we serve a king! 

We see in Esther 7:9 Now Harbonah, one of the eunuchs, said to the king, “Look! The [a]gallows, fifty cubits high, which Haman made for Mordecai, who spoke good on the king’s behalf, is standing at the house of Haman.”

Then the king said, “Hang him on it!”

10 So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the king’s wrath subsided.

We serve a king that turns the things meant for evil against us and turn them into something benefiting us. 

8 On that day, King Ahasuerus gave Queen Esther the house of Haman, the enemy of the Jews. And Mordecai came before the king, for Esther had told how he was related to her. 2 So the king took off his signet ring, which he had taken from Haman, and gave it to Mordecai; and Esther appointed Mordecai over the house of Haman.

A King has the power to take what he pleases and give what he pleases. Just as The king took from Hamen and gave Esther, the king we serve can take from our enemies and give to us. 

8 You yourselves write a decree concerning the Jews, [a]as you please, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s signet ring; for whatever is written in the king’s name and sealed with the king’s signet ring no one can revoke.”

When you realize who you are an heir to the king who has favor and authority, it can completely change your perspective.

Throughout the whole story of Esther, we see Hamen put a target on the jew’s back. The jews had every right to feel sorry for themselves and perhaps even just give up. 

However, the jews realized something that we have to realize. The Hamen’s (The Enemies) words and actions don’t matter.

If we are not careful, we can let the enemies’ words and attacks distract us and cause us to live in fear, but the reality is that the only words and actions that matter is those that come from the king.

Esther went straight to the person who had authority over Hamen and whom she had a favor.

When facing the Hamen’s in our lives, we must go straight to the king and trust in him because we have his favor, and he has all authority. 

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