Caleb’s Favorite Bible Books (Top 5)




The birth of the church, the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, and a history of Paul’s life. This book should make everyone’s top 5.  If you are wanting to learn more about the 1st church or wanting to grow your foundation of doctrine this is definitely where you want to start. 



We see the promise God gave Abraham begin to become a reality as God delivers his people. The as God takes them towards their promised land where they will be established as a nation and people. We learn to abstain we are going through our own personal wilderness. In addition to this, we also see the cornerstones laid down for western civilization as God gives Moses the law and direction on how to live. 



If you are looking for a breakdown on faith then look no further. To be specific, James gives us a basic guide on how to live your life as a believer and how to perfect yourself as you grow in God. 


2 Kings:

The book features Elisha in my opinion one of the most interesting characters in the whole bible. His drive and desire, along with the unique way God uses him. Makes 2 Kings a very fascinating read. (Plus, Elisha performs a miracle while dead… so that’s cool.)



In first place, Judges has beat the competition. It picks up early abput Israel’s life as a nation. During this book, we see some of the most interesting and mightily used people in the bible. The stories told in this book have always resonated with me. Whether it be Gideon’s rise from a nobody to a mighty man of valor. Samson and his example of no matter how powerful we may be, we must always guard against temptation and stay consecrated. I haven’t even mentioned Debrah or Jael yet this book is loaded. 

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