CrossFit’s 15 Theses

  1. Caleb is selling trash. (His content is trash!)
  2. Caleb is trash.
  3. Caleb is ruining the synergist with his trash.
  4. Caleb once ate a worm which is disgusting.
  5. Caleb is disgusting.
  6. Caleb’s daily Devo’s are lame!
  7. Caleb’s voice makes me want to throw up!
  8. He must be Canceled!
  9. I the CrossFit cowboy must take his place.
  10. His segments are lame Mine are great!
  11. He has the opposite of the mites touch everything he touches turns to dust!
  12. He doesn’t have a cool mustache.
  13.  He needs a makeover.
  14. He once kicked a dead horse.
  15. He believed in the tooth fairy until he was 20!

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