Determination is the Key


We have all read books that are supposed to change our lives in some way, maybe you’ve read one to help you improve your finances, or one to make you more productive, or perhaps you’ve leafed through one in hopes of building your leadership skills. 

The list of subjects goes on and on, but one thing is for sure: they all promise to help you in some way. And they will, but only if you apply them. That’s the rule not just with books, but with anything you listen to or watch. New Year’s Resolutions are a great example of this. We all decide we are going to do things differently, we make a massive list of things we want to change or do, but we end up letting most of those things fall to the ground shortly after January 1st and never get around to accomplishing any of them. 

The question is, why? Why do we always end up letting these things fall to the ground? The answer is simple. If you were to ask yourself one question, “Is this the number one thing I want to achieve?” If the answer is no, then why are you doing it? 

The only way you accomplish any task is by being determined to do it no matter what. We often let distractions get in our way of doing those things that we want to achieve. That is where we have to cultivate a determination in our mind and attitude to not let anything get in the way.

  Another thing that trips us up is we often try to accomplish too many things at once. In a book I recently read called “The One Thing” by Gray Keller and Jay Papasan, the authors’ main point is that you will always accomplish more in the long run if you focus on one thing than you will trying to juggle a bunch of tasks and goals at the same time. This point ties in perfectly with this article: if you can find one thing you are determined to do and focus on that, you will accomplish it.

   Determination is the number one key to whatever you want to do. Determination is the thing that will drive you to keep going. When you get your mind settled on the thought that “I am going to accomplish this no matter what” you will do it. Determination is the only thing that gives you the will to put in the work, climb the mountain, and see your goals fulfilled after the initial excitement has waned. 

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