Million Dollar Question


It’s the Million Dollar question; “What are you growing into?”

Essentially, what areas of your life are you taking the time to grow and develop? Are you actively nurturing the character traits, skills, and talents you want to see, or are you sitting around and letting the weeds of everyday life take over? Are you letting bad habits, wrong attitudes, and distractions waste your life?

Something is always growing–but should it be?

There are many ways to grow and, often, your growth is intentional and purposeful. For example, when you decide to learn a trade or a skill, or you make the decision to go back to school, you’re putting time, money, and effort into becoming better at something–that’s intentional growth. 

However, I want to focus on a different type of growth; unintentional growth. Most of the time, you don’t even notice this type of growth, but you need to! Because when you notice it, it will encourage you to either make changes or keep going on the current path you’re on!

“How did I get here?”

I have begun to take notice of this hidden growth recently as new and exciting opportunities have been offered to me. I have asked myself, “How did I get here?” The answer surprised me. Of course, a big part of the opportunity was because of the intentional effort I have put into growing myself. But looking back, I noticed moments that caused me to grow in very subtle ways, even when I felt like I was at a standstill.

I help out in the Sunday School at the church I attend and have for about six years now. During this time, my responsibilities have increased tremendously. It all started in the seven-year-old class.

While in the seven-year-old class, my job description was pretty much to play with the kids, pick up trash, and assist the teacher in any way I could. At the time it didn’t seem like a lot, but as I look back, I realize that the whole time, I was learning how to connect with the kids. The main reason I learned how to connect with them was from the example of the senior teacher in the class. This teacher knew how to get on their level and reach them right where they were at; which is obviously very important if you want to be a successful Sunday School teacher. 

After spending time in the seven-year-old class, I was moved to the six-year-old class, which was a totally different dynamic. However, it was just as effective. Again, although I was oblivious to it, I was learning a lesson in this class as well. I learned how to structure a class and the importance of order in the classroom. Again, all because of the main teacher of the class. She was influencing me the whole time and I didn’t even know it.

The third class also taught me something; how to put a lesson together and teach it. Once more, I learned from a capable and excellent senior teacher who impacted me significantly without my realizing it.

Because of that influence, I am now the senior teacher of that class. 

Something or someone is always influencing you.

They are determining the things that are growing inside of you. The important thing is making sure your’re being influenced by the right things and people.

You decide the places you go and who you spend time with. We must make sure we are choosing the right influences to let rub off on us. 

If you aren’t sure what the right decision is, then ask yourself; “Are places I’m going and the people I’m spending my time with going to help me reach my potential and fulfill my goals? Are they people with good morals and are they respected by others?” 

Something is always growing, but should it be?

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