5 Things I’ve Learned From John Adams



Read, Write, Then Read Some More:

John Adams was constantly reading and writing. While our world today has changed from the time of John Adams. What made him the man he became can make us great men and women if we focus on learning and creating.


If You Believe In Something, Fight For It:

Adams says, “Thanks to God that he gave me stubbornness when I know I am right.”

This belief carried Adams when he tried to find a way to get funding for the continental army, which he accomplished. We can follow his lead when it comes to standing for what we believe in. 


Simplicity is Key: 

Adams often longed for his small farm while the world buzzed around him as well as he stood in places like Paris. We need to let this be a reminder that often the best things in life are the simplest.


It Matters Who You Marry:

Abigail Adams was a cornerstone in John’s life. Giving him advice, comfort, and someone to lean on during very trying times. They called each other dearest friend, and not a more accurate statement could be said about their relationship. 


Sacrifice For A Cause:

Adams believed in America, and because of that, he gave his life to it. He spent years away from his dearest friend; (there was only contact through letters that took months to arrive.) His health suffered, his name was put through the mud, but he made a significant impact on the cause of America, and today, his name is celebrated. But it took a great sacrifice if we want to see the causes we believe in succeed. We have to be willing to sacrifice it all for the cause.  

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