It Just Means More


“It Just Means More” is a slogan adopted by the SEC (a football conference, for all you non-sports junkies). They believe that when the SEC plays a game, no matter who’s playing, it’s a more important game than any that another conference may host. 

They believe that they offer more than any other conference in sports as well as the classroom. They want their fans to buy into their mission and be proud to be a part of the SEC.   

This is a slogan that the church should adopt–when you are a Christian, “It Just Means More.”

Life means more, people mean more, and the God you represent means more. We should embrace who we are, buy into the mission, and be proud to be a child of God. 

The SEC released this slogan as a shot at the ACC. The Atlantic Coast Conference was about to drop their new slogan “It Just Means Less” which was trying to highlight the fact that the ACC took academics as more important than football when the SEC beat them to it.

Needless to say, the ACC canceled their press conference to announce their new tagline.

A lot of times, we miss the fact that the world is saying the quiet part out loud, “It Just Means Less,” to live in the world.

The world wants you to think that you will get more out of life if you live the way they prescribe; a life without boundaries, full of selfish ambition. In reality, you will never achieve your real purpose this way. 

God has a plan for your life. He wants what’s best for you, and He wants to give you the tools you need to make it.

Meanwhile, the world wants to distract you from your purpose and try to deceive you into thinking that they’re offering you what’s best.

If you fall for it, then you will fulfill their slogan “It Just Means Less.”

We must live for God and let Him guide our life. “It Just Means More.” 

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