Making The Most of Your Life


John Adams once said. 

“Upon the Stage of Life, we have each of us a part, a laborious and difficult Part, to Act, but we are all capable of acting our Parts, however difficult, to the best advantage. Upon common Theaters indeed the applause of the audience is of more importance to the actors than their own approbation. But upon the Stage of Life, while Conscience Clapps, let the world hiss! On the contrary, if conscience disapproves, the loudest applause of the World are of little value. While our own minds commend, we may calmly despise all the Frowns, all the Censure, all the Malignity of men.” 

Often, we hear from others that we should make the most of our lives. However, they never give a clear definition of what they mean. Because everyone has their own personal idea of what “Making the most of your life” entails. 

For those of us, Zoomers, we are at a point in our lives when we are working out who we are and what our purpose is to be. We often ask ourselves, why are we here? 

Or, as John Adams mentions. Our part in this theater called life. There are so many roles we can choose from every day. There are many opportunities to try new things presented to us.

People are trying to recruit you to fulfill a role in the act of the play that they are helping direct. 

From political movements, social media trends, careers, and education. The list goes on and keeps growing.

With all the options and pressures from people, it comes down to the decisions we make. That determines the role that we play. 

Even though it is our decision, the influences in our lives play a big role in us making that decision. That’s why we must take control of those influences so we can play our role in life to perfection. 

Adams compares it to applause. Are we letting the world and the applause of every trend and idea the world comes up with guide us, or do we let the applause of our conscience and the principles built on the word of God direct our lives? 

There’s a beauty here because God has a role for each of us in this stage called life. Like your conscience, God’s voice is often the quieter voice, but it’s the most important voice.

We must remember we are capable of playing our part! God made you with the talents you need to fulfill the role he has for you. You just have to desire his applause more than you do the world’s applause. 

As Zoomers, it can be easy to follow the trends and movements of the world because of the peer pressure that comes with it. We want to be liked as well as make a difference. 

Unfortunately, while it may seem like you are making a difference, it’s often a lie and a counterfeit. Because if you want to make a difference, that will help change the world and make it a better place. Then we must follow the principles of the Word of God.

It may not be popular or easy, but true purpose and satisfaction come from the applause of conscience and God. While the applause of this world often leaves you feeling empty and fickle. 

If you want to be great, it often takes hard work. Most of the time, the voice of God and conscience will push you out of your comfort zone. Adams and the founding fathers fought a war for the cause they believed in and that cause was freedom. It would have been easy for them to shut their mouths and have stayed under England’s rule, but their conscience would not let them. 

If they had failed, the consequence would have been their lives, but they were willing to die for what their conscience told them was right. 

In today’s world, are we willing to die for what is right? We, as Zoomers, can make a difference in this world if we can learn to embrace the often quieter applause of conscience instead of the loud but empty applause of this world. 

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