Mountain Climbing


Have you ever thought about climbing Mount Everest? Do you think you could do it? Probably not. In order to climb Mount Everest, you would have to start by climbing smaller mountains. You must build strength, endurance, and develop your skills. 

So it is in life. We have goals, challenges, things we have to overcome, and disciplines we have to establish–these are all the small mountains of preparation that we have to conquer. 

Some of us may feel like we know what our end goal is or what our Everest, or, “peak” is in our career, personal life ministry, etc. and, oftentimes, we try to climb that mountain right away when we should be mastering the smaller mountains, preparing ourselves for the right time.

When we have not conditioned, practiced, and honed our skills properly, we find ourselves at the base of the bigger mountains, lacking the strength and training we need for the journey to the top. 

If we embark too soon, what happens? We fall.  Mainly because it’s easy to fall, especially when you aren’t prepared to climb that mountain in the first place. Climbing is hard and falling is way too easy, so, many times when people fall, they stay there. Why? Because it’s hard to climb. So, instead of getting back up and going again, or beginning at square one with a smaller mountain to relearn a skill or lesson that would improve their capabilities as a climber, they stay at the exact same level of incompetence. Sometimes they never stop falling. 

 Now, we have all done this. We have all fallen, but it’s what we do when we fall that makes all the difference. Are you going to stay where you are, or are you going to climb again?

 If you are looking to climb again, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Am I prepared to climb this mountain? Am I strong enough to climb this mountain? Is this the mountain I am supposed to climb right now

If you are not prepared, then what do you need to do? Do you need to climb the mountain of discipline first? Or self-control? Or maybe the hulking mountain of patience?

 If you are not strong enough, how can you get stronger? Do you need to get stronger mentally, spiritually, or even physically? 

 Then there is the last question: “Is this the mountain I need to be climbing?” We often jump at every opportunity that comes our way without fully thinking or planning it out. We start off strong. But, after a while, we back out or fail or just drop it and move on to something else. A lot of times we take too much on at once, get overwhelmed, and never get anything accomplished. We never make it to the top.

That’s why you have to be careful and wise when you decide which mountain to tackle.

Keeping these things in mind, there is one last thought to consider.  

Who or what is going to catch you if you do slip and fall? What safeguards are you putting up in your life? Many climbers use harnesses and ropes. Are you harnessed to the word of God and are you connected to Him in prayer? 

  Even with this equipment, many climbers don’t climb solo. Ask yourself, “Should I be climbing this mountain alone?” Do you need a partner for accountability and encouragement or maybe even a guide to help you get to the top safely?

 Godly friends can be great partners and your pastor, youth pastor, and elders can be great guides to help you scale your mountain in the safest way possible.

  There are many mountains left to climb and many chances to fall but let God be the one that leads you to the mountain and don’t be afraid of the journey because each step brings you closer to the peak.   

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  1. Mom

    Love this!

  2. clifford

    Great article. Persitance pays get in shape.

  3. Kathryn Bagesse

    Caleb, this a wonderful post. It inspires me to look forward, ask myself questions and really think about goals I’ve set. It has also forced me to look back, to see where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished within my goals and think about improvements I need to make. I look forward to exploring this site and reading all the new posts. Well done!

  4. Mary Stafford

    Wow, Caleb,
    What a thoughtful and wise young man you are. Thank you for sharing these insights for us to ponder and apply to our lives.
    Miss Mary

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