There are times in life where we can start to lose control. We have goals and disciplines that we build in our lives, but as time passes we get distracted, comfortable even. Which leads us to let go of everything we were trying to build. Before we realize it we are in the deep end, everything we were trying to accomplish is out of sight.

This is why it is so important to learn how to reset. 

How do you rest? First, remember where you want to go. You have to find that thing that motivated you in the first place. You have to restart with your why before you can go back to your how. 

The next thing you have to do is go back to your plan or make a new plan. Sometimes the reason you got off track is that your plan didn’t work realistically with your schedule. 

So, you can either change your schedule or rearrange your priorities. If you want to reset, you have to know your priorities, then you need to understand which of your priorities is top. 

For example, only an hour left in your day and prayer time and family time left on your schedule. You have to choose which takes higher the priority. 

If you don’t know then often time we go to option number three which is don’t do either one and do something that is going to waste your time. Which will force you to rest again a week later.

Or we might know which one is the priority but then as the days go on and you keep having one hour left and you keep picking the same option then eventually you will have to reset to be able to that second priority in so you don’t lose ground on it. 

As time goes on, goals you have made should become habits meaning you will have to reset less and less. One of the biggest problems people make is they try to make too many goals at one time which eventually puts you in a constant reset mode which isn’t good. 

The key is to know who you are so you can make appropriate goals, if you fall you can rest and get back up. So, you can build the habits that will be the foundation of your life. 

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