We are committing suicide


Abraham Lincoln once said, “As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” 

Today, my generation has begun undergoing brainwashing into committing suicide. They are educated to hate, to rebel against the morals and beliefs that made them free to be educated. This includes the freedom to think for themselves and speak their mind. 

The foundations of this country were built on the idea that all men are created equal. Equal to live for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the principles of the word of God. 

Today these ideas have experienced attacks by people twisting the meaning of these ideas and principles. 

They have taken a humanistic and tribalistic point of view instead of a biblical and individualist point of view.   

So, while they try to start a revolution of the people, they are killing the individual. What do I mean? I mean that while they are trying in their minds to” free” the community, in reality, they are imprisoning the individual freedoms of the people in those groups. 

They are sacrificing the individual’s free speech for the feelings of a few people of the tribe. They argue that people’s feelings are important than the discussion of ideas. 

What they are doing is putting feelings over truth. While feelings do matter, the truth is what’s most important.

During a recent meeting I attended, the man that spoke (Rev Terry Shock) said, “We must put our loyalty for truth over our loyalty to people.” 

The truth must come over everything! People can change and be wrong, but the truth never changes. If we start hiding the truth for the sake of feelings, we are in a dangerous place. 

My Generation needs to learn to put their feelings aside and fall in love with the truth! 

As John says, where truth is there is freedom. John 8:31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 

The truth sets you free, and lies, even those that make you feel good, always lead to bondage and destruction. 

So, if we continue pushing the lies this world is teaching our generation, then we are, as Lincoln said, “Committing suicide.” 

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